What Happen If Siri Became Chandler Bing For A Day?

What Happen If Siri Became Chandler Bing For A Day?

We are damn ‘Siri’ous for F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You know it!

“Chandler Bing” aka Matthew Perry’s character in FRIENDS is considered being the GOD of sarcasm. It is because of Mr. Bing that we know what exactly is sarcasm!

Now, I think everyone knows the Apple app Siri. What’d happen if we combine the top-notch Bing sarcasm with Siri’s style of replying?

M​​​​​​​e: What is 25% tip on $180?

Siri: 25% tip? Really? I’m poor and broke and desperate for money.


Me: What is the latest cricket score?

Siri: I’m American. We don’t understand cricket.

what if chandler bing was siri

Me: Call my mom?

Siri: “Mooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm”, eh! It looks like she didn’t hear me.

Me: Does she like me?

Siri: Could you BE anymore ugly?

Me: Set a countdown for ten minutes?

Siri: When you return from the moon. Please bring me a cheesecake?

Me: Do you like Pokemon Go?

Siri: Nah, running behind someone who isn’t a girl is not my thing.

Me: What’s 2+2?

Siri: Your poor mathematics

Me: Is Harry Potter real?

Siri: A guy who can’t come out of friendzone in seven years. Of course, he is real.

Me: Describe yourself?

Siri: Well, yourself is an eight-letter word starts with a ‘y’ and ends with a ‘f’.

Me: What should I wear today?

Siri: A mask probably.

Me: When is the world going to end?

Siri: The day you’ll find a girlfriend.

Me: What’s your favorite animal?

Siri: Chicks, only if they are hot.

Me: What went wrong in human evolution?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Siri: *Opens Front Camera*

Me: What appointments do I have tonight?

Siri: A road trip to the White House in your brand new Porsche to meet the President, followed by a candlelight dinner with Angelina Jolie. These are your appointments for tonight’s dreams.

Me: Where am I?

Siri: You are in the midst of a lonely and pathetic life.

Me: Am I handsome?

Siri: Do you really want me to answer that?

Me: Guess what?

SiriStarts with a W, ends with a T, and has an H and A in between?

Me: I think I look lovely today. What do you think?

Siri: I thought I was the one to make the jokes.

Me: Open the front camera.

Siri: You know that it’ll show your face right? Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Me: When is Halloween?

SiriBeing with you, I’d probably say every day.

Me: Set an alarm for 11 a.m.

Siri: Can you be any lazier?

MeWhat are the specs of the latest iPhone?

SiriDoes it matter when you’re going to use it just for games?

Me: What time is it?

Siri: It’s high time you buy a watch.

MeWhat is the best website to check the latest football scores?

Siri: "www.why-dont-you-google-it.com"

Me: Can I make it to the airport in 10 minutes?

Siri: Sure you can. Just wait for 9 minutes for a particle accelerator explosion to turn you into the Flash and then run to the airport in one minute.

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