Varaha Roopam song copyright breach at the centre of the Kantara plagiarism controversy, according to Thaikkudam Bridge

Varaha Roopam song copyright breach at the centre of the Kantara plagiarism controversy, according to Thaikkudam Bridge

The Kerala-based band Thaikkudam Bridge is suing Hombale Films' newest blockbuster Kantara in an apparent attempt to draw attention to the problem of copyright violations. The band claimed earlier this week that the creators of Kantara stole their song "Navarasam" for "Varaha Roopam."

Thaikkudam Bridge has disclosed that conversations with the producers are ongoing in the background, despite the fact that the filmmakers have yet to openly respond to the accusations. The band has also rejected the claim that "Navarasam" and "Varaha Roopam" are comparable songs due to the use of related ragas.
Ajaneesh Loknath, the composer, had to say something. The song begins in the same way as Navarasam if we are just talking about the raga. The next section is identical as well. Changes might have been made to the chord and vibe. The groove and the heavy section with Chanda are identical. The guitars have arrived. The sounds are all the same. How can you then claim that it is a raga? The scale is raga. As a musician, I am aware of that, Vivan Fernandez of Thaikkudam Bridge band told The Cue.
If you play the Navarasam song, which was written by us five years ago, to someone who knows nothing about raga or music, and then play them the Kantara song, even they will hear the similarities, he continued.
Vivan also declined to elaborate on the band's approach to the situation. In terms of such issues, independent bands don't have a stronger scene. And it's difficult to oppose a motion picture production. We want to make a statement as an independent band, in my opinion. We are fighting for ourselves, he declared.

Kantara, written and directed by Rishab Shetty, who also starred as the film's main character, is quickly rising to the top of Indian cinema's box office and critical success lists this year.

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