Urfi Javed criticises Anupamas fame Why dont you watch your own show, asks Sudhanshu Pandey?

Urfi Javed criticises Anupamas fame Why dont you watch your own show, asks Sudhanshu Pandey?

Urfi Javed doesn't avoid making headlines, nor does she let people criticise her eccentric sense of style. Urfi released a video on the occasion of Diwali in which she removed her top and had a laddu while wishing everyone a Happy Diwali. She received vicious trolling after sharing this picture, and to make matters worse, Sudhanshu Pandey of Anupamaa fame smacked Urfi for making an inappropriate gesture during the revered festival of Diwali.

Prior to deleting the post, Sudhanshu had used his Instagram to make a direct jab at Urfi's Diwali post, calling Urfi Javed's video a mockery of the holy season. Sudhanshu Pandey had written, "I don't follow this person but I still have to watch such terrible things..." Urfi was eager to lash out at the actor in response and made sure to tell him to keep his mouth shut. She remarked, "THE IRONY," on her Instagram story. Anupama is a show about women's empowerment in which a lady challenges all the socially prescribed "normals" for female behaviour. Sudhanshu, why don't you watch your own show? Possibly pick up something.
Even if the troll is a famous person, Urfi never falls behind in responding to them. She doesn't appear to be willing to pardon Sudhanshu for his offensive remark. She had previously written, "You experience such horrifying scenes because you don't have control over the universe!" "Anupamaa me conversation nahi mil rahe tho socha Uorfi ko bol k publicity stunt le lu?" she said in her letter. "I've never heard you raise your voice against any men or sexual predators in the workplace, but it was vital to do so against me because what I put on my body is your business," a man once said.

After its publication, Urfi Javed's last video song, "Haye Haye Yeh Majboori," likewise caused a stir, but as is required by tradition, it was also trolling. Internet users will not accept that they in any way mimic the national fashion disaster.

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