Top 10 Russian Models On Instagram

Top 10 Russian Models On Instagram

We continue on our mission to find where the most beautiful women come from. This time we want to show you the most beautiful Russian women on Instagram.

Russian is also known for having one of the most beautiful women on the planet. If you talk about models, most of the time you will think about Russian models that are tall, blonde, and blue eyes.

Even though they are beautiful, fashion on point and can make you run miles for them, they can be very tough.

We short-list the 10 best Russian Models on Instagram, in no particular order.

Oksana Samoylov (11.7 Million Followers)

Oksana Samoylova

Oksana Samoylova instagram

Anastasia Kvitko (10.8 Million Followers)

Anastasia Kvitko

Anastasia Kvitko instagram

Alena Shishkova (6.5 Million Followers)

Alena Shishkova

Alena Shishkova instagram

Sveta Bilyalova (6.2 Million Followers)

Sveta Bilyalova

Sveta Bilyalova instagram

Viki Odintcova (5.1 Million Followers)

Viki Odintcova

Viki Odintcova instagram

Nita Kuzmina (1.8 Million Followers)

Nita Kuzmina

Nita Kuzmina instagram

Yana Yatskovskaya (869k Followers)

Yana Yatskovskaya

Yana Yatskovskaya instagram

Sasha Markina (1.3 Million Followers)

Sasha Markina

Sasha Markina instagram

Olya Abramovich (1.8 Million Followers)

Olya Abramovich

Olya Abramovich instagram

Anyuta Rai (3.2 Million Followers)

Anyuta Rai

Anyuta Rai instagram

Images Credited to Instagram

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