The filmmaker for the upcoming Sony Marvel film, which is doomed to fail, has been chosen.

The filmmaker for the upcoming Sony Marvel film, which is doomed to fail, has been chosen.

It's difficult to say that Sony's Spider-Man-less Marvel-adjacent series has really been successful despite the fact that the Venom movies have their fans and Morbius has taken on a whole new life as a living meme. However, the studio is determined to continue working on it, with even Morbius' notoriety just inspiring them to create several more (see Kraven and Madame Web). And the most recent project—possibly the least interesting of the lot—has at last secured a director.
The studio has chosen Jonás Cuarón to direct El Muerto, a project starring rapper Bad Bunny that was originally made public this past April, as first reported by The Wrap. Despite the fact that cinephiles are likely already familiar with his moniker, this will be Cuarón's debut English-language film. The director is Alfonso Cuarón's (Gravity, Roma, and Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban) son, a celebrated director.
Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, who recently finished writing the script for DC's Blue Beetle movie, has also been confirmed as writing the script in addition to Cuarón. El Muerto is remarkable for being the first Marvel film to have a Latino leading superhero, much way that Xolo Mariduea vehicle is the first Latino-fronted film in the DCEU.

All of this may sound quite good, but fans have long made fun of El Muerto because of its obscure title character, who has only made a total of three appearances in comic books. Given that Sony was eager to work with him again following his acting debut in this summer's actioner Bullet Train, Bad Bunny (actual name: Benito A Martinez Ocasio) made the decision to offer the Mexican wrestler with superpowers his own film.

Cuarón is undoubtedly an intriguing addition to this production, but will El Muerto be able to save Sony's Marvel universe? When it opens in theatres on January 12, 2024, we'll learn more.

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