The bizarre path to Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix

The bizarre path to Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix

The bizarre path to Best Actor for Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix is known for being a committed performer that goes above and beyond for his art while breaking all the rules in the process. His career has included roles in movies like "Gladiator," "Her," and "The Master," but it wasn't until he played the title part in Todd Phillips' "Joker" that he finally received his first Academy Award.

He concluded his awards season advocacy with his victory speech by combining all issues, from animal rights to gender injustice, and denouncing all forms of power abuse. He also acknowledged that he had previously been "cruel" and difficult to deal with, but that he is grateful for his second opportunity and evidence that the cancel culture is not the solution. The actor's desire to defy expectations may have contributed to the excellence of his portrayal in "Joker."

Phoenix had to fully redefine the Joker after a lengthy line of performers wore the character's makeup, but his personal experiences are sufficient evidence that he offers a special depth to the big screen. Discover some odd and bizarre facts about the actor's life by clicking through.

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