The Situation with Miles Bridges Changes

The Situation with Miles Bridges Changes

Things have changed course just as you were beginning to believe that Miles Bridges' case was over. Miles Bridges has reportedly requested a restraining order against his former girlfriend, according to TMZ.
Since his imprisonment in June, Bridges claims that Mychelle Johnson has harassed him on three separate occasions by showing up at his home or other accommodations. On October 12, the first occurrence is said to have occurred. Bridges claims Johnson suddenly tried to break into the Airbnb he was renting in Los Angeles, but Bridges did not intervene.

Then, on October 31, Bridges said Johnson followed him and his companions from a hookah lounge in Los Angeles home at about 2:30 AM and sat in his driveway pleading for him to talk with her.

Finally, on Nov. 5, just two days after Bridges completed his criminal case by entering a plea of no contest to a charge of felony domestic violence stemming from their encounter on June 27 — the 24-year-old former Charlotte Hornets star claimed he was forced to call the LAPD after Johnson agitated Bridges and refused to leave his Airbnb. Johnson did eventually depart without incident.

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