Sash Brar Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More

Sash Brar Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More


Sash Brar

It goes without saying that children are the future of this great nation. Everyone holds teachers in high regard for having the onus of molding these tender minds. In today's era of stress, competition and mental unrest and challenges, another profession has stepped up to a level same as teachers! Child psychologist. A very sophisticated discipline requiring deep and complex mental abilities to correctly probe into these tender and gullible children psyche, child psychology is by no means a child's play. And today, INFOSAURS has caught hold of a rare talent. Meet Sash Brar, an acclaimed student in child psychology who is getting ready for serving the nation in noblest of ways by training herself for recuperating hurt minds of thousands of innocent children in future. Abreast with this digital age, Sash is also an extremely cute model who is a popular instagram influencer. Once she finishes her psychology degree, she will most likely extend her psychology services on internet and will benefiting innumerable children and their worried parents through the internet. Moreover, she is also a high-in-demand and sought-after instagram influencer and model. Let us delve deeper into your mind as well as Sash's lovely mind to know this mind-doctor even better.

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This pretty influencer and future-psychologist was born on 17 July 1999 in Faridkot in Punjab to a retired army officer R.S. Brar and a noble woman, Kulwant Brar who also runs a restaurent in Mumbai. Her beloved brother is Gurpreet Singh who is currently serving in the Sikh regiment in the Indian Army. Gurpreet has always stood by her through thick and thin. He is her heart and soul and a true mentor who made her into an independent and strong personality. This kind-hearted soul had her schooling in a good school in Mumbai. She then started pursuing her psychology degree from Montreal , Canada.

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Serene and soothing Sash is a soul looking at whom peace and serenity arise. Though her Zodiac sign is Leo, she is as sweet and friendly as a lovely puppy and especially children love to be around her, exactly what's expected of a future child psychologist. 21-years-old Sash has an extremely attractive squarish face which is full of a child-like cute charm . A cute upturned nose and short and plump rosy lips furthers her baby sweet charms. She has plump and lifted cheeks and big, sparkling and expressive eyes. Finally, a radiant and glowing skin adds icing on her cake of beauty. At 5'6" , her healthy body weighs a careful 54 kg and thus, Sash is a picture of perfect health, mental as well as physical. She has soft and kind brown eyes and lovely, healthy brown hair. She is no fan of ink on body and never allows any tattoo on body. 

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Sweet Sash although is busy in her Canada-basee child psychology degree, she has always given sufficient time to her passion of modeling and social media influencing. She is no less than a celebrity in instagram and enjoys a tremendous fan-following spanning over 17.2k+! Her Instagram is full of heart-winning images and advertisements showing her sweet and charming personality. She credits Oreorehan for her grand success. She was initially his fan and they both had their fates cross paths when she had met him as his fan for getting a pic together and then events unfolded and these two started doing posts together and enraptured their fans with their adorable chemistry. Oreorehan holds a special place in her heart and as per Sash is one of the major support stone in her success story. 
She plans on pursuing PhD in child psychology and also wants to focus on acting and social influencing career. Most of her current income inflows from a successful social media presence. In near future, she is planning to appear in some music videos. 

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Sash is a regular girl like anyone of us and nurtures simple hobbies and passions like anyone. She loves exploration and be it any type of place, she's ever ready for an adventure trek. Dancing, exploring new places with friends, chilling with friends, trying delicious delicacies, etc are some of her hobbies. She has an ear for good music and loves enjoying music deeply. Her favorite singer is Karan Aujla and among dancers her best one is Ditto. This colourful and vibrant girl holds black as her favorite colour. Im movies, she has a special admiration for thriller and horror movies. Her favorite movies include Dil Diyan Gallan, and Mrs KillerSabrina is one webseries which was particularly liked a lot by her. 

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It is quite a secret that Sash is a secretive person who doesn't open up easily. She may be externally sweet but is quite careful in drawing the lines and doesn't let even close friends access to her personal life. She feels that her being highly professional is one good habit and the same, excess professionalism is also her bad habit. She is very health conscious and neither drinks nor smokes. 
Her funda for a happy life is YOLO - You Live Only Once! So, enjoy till the last breath. Her childhood is full of naughty memories which includes her doing crazy stuff with her brother. As per her, she owns a useless talent which is always keeping on smiling no matter how sad or serious the situation gets. 

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With puppy like charms, no one is spared
In her innocence and cuteness, everyone's ensnared
Pursues child psychology, this child-like girl
To heal and gladden children, all over the world
With lovely and awww-imspiring posts
Instagram she floods
Watch her just once!
Fall head over heels - THUD
May the good work stay up, may keep pouring - her posts sweet
With all her updates, updated INFOSAURS will keep
May Sash  continue being apple of our eyes
Wishing lots of success to the cutie cutie pie

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She Met him as a Fan


Now, they are both good friends of each other.

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