Roses for the monarch. in line, touched by David Beckham

Roses for the monarch. in line, touched by David Beckham

"Roses. For the queen, roses. touched in line by David Beckham."

These amusing comments from a street vendor came at a time when central London was experiencing one of its most serious days as the pageantry and solemnity surrounding the passing of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II reached its pinnacle for her state burial on Monday.

In order to secure a perfect location on The Mall, the lengthy street that runs between Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, dozens had camped out overnight.

As the long-reigning monarch made her final trip through the nation's capital on her way to her final burial place in Windsor, many more people awoke as early as possible to swarm the streets.

This is not like "The Queue," where thousands of people waited for hours

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