On Gandhada Gudi, Vijay Kiragandur says: Our opportunity to express gratitude for Puneeth Rajkumars contribution to making our lives better.

On Gandhada Gudi, Vijay Kiragandur says: Our opportunity to express gratitude for Puneeth Rajkumars contribution to making our lives better.

This Friday, Gandhada Gudi, a documentary about Karnataka's wildlife, which is directed by late movie icon Puneeth Rajkumar, will be released in theatres. On the eve of the movie's premiere, Hombale Films producer Vijay Kiragandur asked the audience to honour "Powerstar's final adieu to the silver screen" in a poignant letter.

"Appu Sir will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him. His infectious smile and the twinkle in those irreplaceable eyes spread happiness wherever he went. The statement from Kiragandur said, "It is impossible to define his incendiary magic, which he could conjure and weave with his humility and that kind smile (sic).
In Kannada popular culture, the phrase "Gandhada Gudi," which translates to "the temple of sandalwoods," has a specific significance. It was the name of the 1973 blockbuster starring late acting great Dr. Rajkumar, which also emphasised how crucial it was to preserve the value and holiness of Karnataka's jungles.
"I call on everyone to experience the euphoria and to recreate the captivated magic that our Appu Sir could on the eve of the release of our Powerstar's final farewell to the silver screen. Let's honour our Karnataka Ratna, our Powerstar. Relive your happy moments in Gandhada Gudi, Vijay Kiragandur continued.
The Gandhada Gudi teaser shows Puneeth Rajkumar and renowned wildlife filmmaker Amoghavarsha JS walking through Karnataka's woods. The "Powerstar" is also seen investigating the coastal waters' undersea fauna.

"Now that Gandhada Gudi has been released, it's time to gather once more in unison and commemorate the life of our cherished Appu Sir. This is our time to express our gratitude for the way he made our lives better and gave so many others courage. We've all seen our hero on TV; now it's time to watch THE REAL HERO, with all of his genuine emotions like laughing and joy. Bring your family and children and let this be a turning point for our RajKumara. For the last time! Kiragandur gave his approval.
Hombale Films, run by Vijay Kiragandur, has produced back-to-back blockbusters including the KGF series and the just-released Kantara.

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