Matthew Perry ended relationships with several women out of concern that they might kill him.

Matthew Perry ended relationships with several women out of concern that they might kill him.

The "Friends" actor claimed that he had been severely "burned" in relationships by lovers who were solely interested in his money.

Before the release of his new autobiography, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing," he admitted to People on Wednesday, October 22, that he was always the one to break up a relationship: "That was me terrified. I represent something wrong with them, and that is what I manifest. I then end my relationship with them.

But not everyone must be suffering from a problem. I'm the link between everything. I left first because I believed I would be completely destroyed by them.

Before their breakup in 2021, Matthew, who has dated Julia Roberts, Neve Campbell, and literary manager Molly Hurwitz, stated he is now searching for a spouse who is "self-supporting in every manner."
"Someone who has their own wealth is pretty crucial for me," he continued.

"I was burned a few times by women who only cared about getting my money... more frequently than you might imagine.

A woman with a "sense of humour, beauty on the inside and exterior, and caring," Matthew added, adding, "This is really crucial, somebody who can have a back and forth with me."

The next person I'll take seriously is going to be someone I fall in love with and stop being afraid of the things that used to worry me, he continued.

"The next female I go out with better watch out," I said, "because I'm no longer terrified of love."

He continued by saying that he believed he would be a "wonderful" father:

"I do, really. Probably because there were so many little children around me while I was growing up, but I can't wait.

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