Kevin Feige Is More Concerned With Black Panther: Wakanda Staying Popular Than Oscar Success

Kevin Feige Is More Concerned With Black Panther: Wakanda Staying Popular Than Oscar Success

While Black Panther defied the general trend of Marvel movies being largely overlooked when it comes to nominations in significant Oscar categories, Kevin Feige isn't in the business of making predictions about the likelihood that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be as successful as the 2018 film. Feige recently said that he doesn't spend much time worrying about how many awards the MCU's films will pick up because his focus is on satisfying the franchise's fans. Despite Black Panther receiving seven nominations for Academy Awards, including an unexpected Best Picture nomination, and winning three of them, Feige recently said that he doesn't spend much time worrying about that. I'm not the kind to speculate on what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will do with their priceless votes, he admitted to Total Film. I'm not sure. I am aware that Ryan and the entire team approached this film with the same goal in mind as they did the first one: how can we give the viewer the best experience? And how can we create an experience that people will want to have repeatedly? That served as the inspiration. And something that pays a magnificent respect to Chadwick's legacy. This one treads a difficult line between paying homage to real people while also carrying on the fictional story and the optimism and hope that Wakanda has always stood for.
Superhero movies typically do poorly when it comes to both Oscar and now Emmy Award nominations, despite some notable outliers, such as Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix winning Oscars for their separate portrayals of The Joker. Even if they are nominated in one of the major categories, winning is still extremely uncommon. Kevin Feige has previously addressed this, stating:

"I believe that the Marvel brand and a genre bias that is undoubtedly there are the reasons why we are constantly at a disadvantage. I really liked how, for a brief period, Black Panther was set aside and the work was acknowledged for the accomplishment that it was. Many comic book readers were unaware who Shang-Chi was. Nevertheless, the work done by Destin, Dave, Sue, and Joel produced something fresh that resonated with viewers. We and the audience acknowledged it, and I really would love for all of these folks who are telling their stories to be recognised for the hard effort they have put in.

Despite the fact that a number of works, such as WandaVision, Moon Knight, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and others have received significant critical and popular acclaim, there has been a tendency for these programmes and films to perform well at audience-voted award shows but to fall short when it comes to the major awards. We'll soon be able to tell if Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will help turn the tide once more, but for the time being, the film is prepared to delight viewers when it hits theatres on November 11.

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