John Krasinski is evading the CIA while attempting to avert World War 3. This is shown in the Jack Ryan season 3 trailer.

John Krasinski is evading the CIA while attempting to avert World War 3. This is shown in the Jack Ryan season 3 trailer.

John Krasinski is back in the Jack Ryan season 3 teaser as the mild-mannered CIA analyst, but this time, he is running from his own organisation and attempting to stop World War 3 at the same time.
On Thursday night, the action thriller Jack Ryan from Prime Video debuted its new trailer. John Krasinski is the star of the programme, which is based on Tom Clancy's well-known figure of the same name and has already had two successful seasons. As he is being sought after by his own side, the CIA, in the new season, the titular hero finds himself in a strange situation.
A frantic Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) is seen racing down a set of stairs as the trailer opens. James Greer, his superior officer, is speaking to him on the phone and saying, "I can only image what is going through your mind right now. You dig a hole that you might not be able to escape from every day because you are running. The images depict Jack evading the law while being pursued by heavily armed special soldiers wearing tactical gear.

Jack explains to Mike November, the head of the CIA station, that he is not eluding the agency. Mike queries, "So why are they chasing you?" In a flashback, Jack is seen uncovering a scheme by certain hardline Russians to resurrect the USSR using a nuclear bomb that is armed and in motion. The government advises Jack not to cross a certain boundary, but Jack counters that he must in order to "do the right thing." Jack learns that a third world war is actually the primary focus of the plot, which goes beyond a single nuclear weapon. In order to foil this evil scheme, he now has to work against the time.
According to Clancy, Jack Ryan is a CIA analyst. He is depicted in the series to advance from working from a desk to venturing into the field and collaborating with the agency's Counterterrorism Center.

Amazon Studios, Paramount Television Studios, and Skydance Television all contributed to the production of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, which was overseen by executive producers Andrew Form, Allyson Seeger, John Krasinski, Vaun Wilmott, Brad Fuller, and Michael Bay. On December 21, the programme will make its Prime Video debut.

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