I opened the door for other female celebrities to be candid about their sexuality, according to Madonna

I opened the door for other female celebrities to be candid about their sexuality, according to Madonna

As she celebrated the 30th anniversary of the publication of her 'S.E.X.' photo book, which sparked controversy for its explicit content, the 64-year-old pop icon recalled how she was demonised for her hyper-sexual persona. However, she claims that it inspired female stars like Cardi B and Kim Kardashian to express their sexuality.

"30 years ago I published a book called S.E.X. in addition to images of myself naked there were photos of Men kissing Men, Woman kissing Woman, and Me kissing everyone," Madonna wrote in a message posted on her Instagram Story on Saturday (22.10.22).

The Queen of Pop went on to say "I also offered my humorous viewpoint on sexuality and talked about my sexual fantasies.

"I spent the following few years being interviewed by condescending people who wanted to humiliate me for asserting my femininity. I was referred to as the devil, a witch, a heretic, and a w****."

The singer then thought back on how opinions have evolved in the intervening three decades.

She penned: "Cardi B is now able to sing about her WAP. Miley Cyrus can enter like a wrecking ball, and Kim Kardashian can grace the front of any magazine with her nude a**.

We thank you, b******.

The 'Like a Virgin' hitmaker recently appeared to come out as gay after sharing a mysterious video on TikTok.

With the tagline, "If I miss, I'm Gay," Madonna, who has been married to Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn, hurled some panties at a trash can in the video.

The pop star missed the mark, and the picture returned to show her shrugging and leaving.

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