George Clooney and Julia Roberts are about to reach a new milestone as their big-screen collaborations surpass $1 billion worldwide at the box office.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are about to reach a new milestone as their big-screen collaborations surpass $1 billion worldwide at the box office.

The latest Julia Roberts and George Clooney on-screen pairing, Ticket to Paradise from Universal/Working Title, has brought the pair to a new accomplishment. Five movies starring the megastars have already brought in a total of $1 billion worldwide.

These films have made a combined $1.007 billion: Ocean's Eleven from 2001 ($451.5M), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind from 2003 ($36.9M), Ocean's Twelve from 2004 ($364.3M), Money Monster from 2016 ($93.9M), and Ticket to Paradise from this year ($60.6M internationally to date).
As a whole, Ticket is Roberts' and Clooney's most successful foreign-language release since 2017's Wonder and Monuments Men, respectively.

This weekend, the Ol Parker-directed film Ticket to Paradise made $60 million overseas. On October 21, Domestic is still scheduled to debut.

For a total of 74 markets currently in release, the romantic comedy, about a divorced couple who band together and fly to Bali to save their daughter from committing the same mistake they did 25 years earlier, added 16 markets this session and brought in an additional $10.6M. Right now, it is tracking in front of Last Christmas, House of Gucci, and The Lost City.

Since Universal's It's Complicated in 2009, Ticket is the biggest international romcom with leads who are over 50. With this session's openers, Ticket has debuted at No. 1 in 48 markets.

Since its global launch started in early September, the island romp has been running smoothly and bringing back the neglected "older" female market, who has been one of the most reluctant to return to theatres.

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