Furkan Aibani Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Furkan Aibani Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More


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Horror is a thrilling genre which brings goosebumps in everyone and creates immense excitement and entertainment due to the adrenaline rush. Similar is the intellectual art of conspiracy theories. Master in these two abilities naturally become sought-after narrators bringing ultimate kick and excitement in people. Today, INFOSAURS has brought in an artist who is an expert in horror and cooking conspiracy theories. Furkan Parvez Aibani is a famous YouTubers who create scary situations and makes up weird but engaging theories possible on earthly matters. More insight on this artist follows.

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Fascinating Furkan was born on 1.12.1996 to a protective father Mr. Parvez Aibani and a loving mother Mrs.Nasreen Aibani in the majestic town of Mumbai. He belongs to a Muslim family. His entertaining and enjoyable childhood was enhanced and made even better by his brother  Zeeshan. Both the brother were brought up in Mumbai by their loving parents. Furkan got properly schooled at  Rizvi Springfield High School, Bandra West. Then, he went on to graduate as a BCA from  M.M.K College of Commerce, Bandra West. And quickly, as he grew up, Fukran was also evolving into a wonderful narrator and conspiracy theorist who shall soon emerge for the world to appreciate. No one could have imagined that this sweet innocent kid would grow up to be a horror and conspiracy theory terror.

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24- yeared fantastic Furkan is an imposing man of 5'11" which has a commanding built which is sufficient to scare the shit out of anyone. He has an expressive face, naturally reddish-brown hair, and brown eyes which he puts to great effect. He has a grim and solemn voice which is very helpful in building the much-needed suspense of a conspiracy story and create horror. Furkan needs no additional marking on his body to create a terrifying effect. He has no tattoos on his body.

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Nicknamed SavageNewsFurkan, Furkan began his journey on YouTube. He has worked here for 5 years and side by side, being a BCA graduate, he also kept doing freelancing works in social media. Fukran also tried his hands at TikTok and within no time, he became extremely popular amassing 1.1 million fans. Also, his YouTube shorts grew more and more beloved. Soon, Furkan had crossed 420k+  subscribers in YouTube thanks to clips like Simpsons Prediction and Horror Indian Stories. He has been equally successful on Instagram where he holds about 56.8k+ followers. His income sources include YouTube and social media. It is indeed an impressive fact that Furkan is valued at a net worth of USD 1 million. He has a very ambitious future goal of crossing the mark of 1 million YouTube followers.



Fabulous Furkan has watched many great movies which some of which inspire his YouTube content. His liked movies include Mr. Bean Holidays, Chronicles, Insidious and Marked One. Scam 1992, Shadow & Bone, and Money Heist are his favorite web series. Adam Sandler, Gal Gadot, and Cara Delevingne are actors which leave a deep impression on him. In food items, Furkan really adored Pizza and burgers. This scary artist likes the color 'Blue'. Furkan is single and his Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. For traveling, he would love to visit Dubai. His hobbies are no different from his work. It is simply learning more about horror and conspiracy theories. It is a funny fact that up till the age of 19, he was very scared of horror stories and could not even read them. He would have sleepless nights due to the scare. Then, suddenly everything changed and he started loving horror. Furkan has many good habits. He is very kind and he never fights with his mother and father. The only bad habit in him is eating food at odd timings. He always avoids smoking and alcohol.

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For leading a happy life, he has a simple rule - Not taking any stress and not being afraid of making mistakes. He was a very mischievous student in school. Just to accompany his friends who were turned out of the class for not bringing textbooks, he too would tell a lie and join the friends outside. He aims to become the best storyteller in the world. Also, he wants to conquer the world. What is that which had inspired him to become the artist he is today? It was TikTok.

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With a gripping story-telling, Furkan comes
A tale of horror, a scary story, he scarily hums
An excellent theory of conspiracy he strings
Making our adrenaline rush and our hearts rings
Gathering lakh followers in YouTube and in TikTok, a million
He establishes himself, as a horror-narrator brilliant
It is hoped that such rare talent, never should halt
He should keep rising higher, all of us - to exalt
With the well-wishes that his conspiracy theories should thrive
We wrap up Furkan's blog, on a note confident and high

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