Florence Pugh recalls how early in her career, executives tried to change the way she looked.

Florence Pugh recalls how early in her career, executives tried to change the way she looked.

Following the release of her first movie in the United Kingdom, the 26-year-old actress recently reflected on one of her early experiences in Hollywood, revealing that the network executives pushed her to change her appearance after she was chosen to play a budding pop star in the TV pilot for Studio City in 2015.
According to Pugh, who spoke to The Telegraph on October 29, "all the things that they were attempting to change about me—whether it was my weight, my look, the shape of my face, or the form of my eyebrows—was so not what I wanted to accomplish, or the business I wanted to work in." "I'd assumed the movie industry would be like [my experience making] The Falling, but in fact, this was how the top of the industry looked, and I felt I'd made a huge mistake," said the author.

Pugh questioned whether a career in Hollywood was right for her when that pilot was not picked up. She returned to England and landed her breakthrough part in Lady Macbeth, which, according to her, caused her to "fall back in love" with the movie industry.
The Don't Worry Darling actress said, "The kind of film that was a venue where you could be outspoken, and loud, and I've stuck by that." "People in this field can push you in both directions far too easily, in my opinion. And I had the good fortune to figure out what type of performer I wanted to be at the age of 19."
What about the turmoil around Don't Worry, Darling? She's prepared to put things behind her. She told The Telegraph, "I genuinely want to put my energy to this movie." Therefore, I'm content to concentrate only on The Wonder-related queries.

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