Elliott is his 9-year-old daughters new name, according to Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean: It is her body, it is her name.

Elliott is his 9-year-old daughters new name, according to Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean: It is her body, it is her name.

Singer AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys talked about his daughter's decision to switch her name from Ava to Elliott.
According to McLean, his daughter made a "personal choice" rather than "a transgender thing," according to People.
Elliott reportedly thought Elliott's previous name, Ava, was "not that unusual and not that original," according to McLean.
The 9-year-old daughter of Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean decided to alter her name from Ava to Elliott.

Regardless of the reason, McLean told People that he will "support" his daughter's decision to alter her name.

"At first, I didn't sure whether it was a transgender thing when my daughter sought to change her name to Elliott, which is not the case, but it is a personal choice," McLean said. It is her everything, including her body and name.
Her mother originally revealed Elliott's new name in a back-to-school Instagram post last month.

According to McLean, "She's still Ava and she'll always be Ava to me." But at the same time, whatever justification she uses, it is hers, and my wife and I will back her wholeheartedly.

According to People, McLean revealed that Elliott chose her new name more than a year ago.

He remembered his daughter telling him, "Dad, I just feel like my name is not that distinctive and not that creative, and there are a lot of Avas at dance and a lot of Avas at school,"

According to an earlier report by People, McLean's wife Rochelle responded to inquiries regarding Elliott's name change on her Instagram Story.

The name Elliott "stuck" despite Rochelle's daughter's long-standing desire to change her name. She added, "Not that it's anyone's business but Elliott's name change is not a gender thing."

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