BTSs 94-liners, RM and J-Hope, spotted having the time of their life at the Billie Eilish concert in Korea

BTSs 94-liners, RM and J-Hope, spotted having the time of their life at the Billie Eilish concert in Korea

The global K-pop group BTS has been running and working hard with group promotions bringing the name of BTS to the top.

Two months ago, BTS announced that they will be entering a hiatus on group activities so that each member can focus on their individual activities and also recharge from their endless promotions since their debut in 2013.

Since their announcement, the members have been focusing on recharging and doing individual activities. Among the seven members, RM and J-Hope recently garnered attention as they were spotted truly unwinding and spending the time of their life at Billie Eilish's concert in Seoul.

The two idols were spotted by fans who also attended the concert and posted videos and photos of the global artists enjoying the concert to the fullest. RM and J-Hope were having a great time as they danced and jumped along to Billie Eilish's songs.

The 94-liners were seen truly unwinding down as they let out their energy as they got out of their seats and were seen jumping.

Netizens and fans found the two BTS members adorable and loved how they enjoyed the show to the fullest. Netizens commented, "They are so cute, " "They really enjoyed the concert," "I'm so happy to see them all excited," "They are happy to the max lols," "It must have been so fun," "They really enjoyed their time," and "I'm glad they were able to let out the stress like that."

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