Ashton Kutcher loses every argument with her, Mila Kunis jokes

Ashton Kutcher loses every argument with her, Mila Kunis jokes

The Black Swan actress spoke candidly to presenter James Corden about her eight-year marriage during a guest visit on The Late Late Show.

Kunis urged her husband to search Twitter to find out why she made the TIME100 Most Influential People list after she and Kutcher co-raised more than $34 million in humanitarian donations for Ukraine.

According to the Daily Mail, Kunis remarked, "I didn't realise that was occurring, so it was bizarre." "Since I don't use social media, I was clueless. Can you check out Twitter and see what others are talking about, Babe?, I asked. He went to take a look, and I said, "I did it." I was bragging about how amazing I am."

Then Corden displayed to Kunis a tweet Kutcher had made about his wife's success, in which he stated, "I already lose every argument I have with my wife, Dear Time magazine. Didn't you just have to do this?"

He jokedly received confirmation from the actress. She admitted to Corden that "he does lose every debate." "I'd rather be pleased than right," he says.
The pair previously started a GoFundMe to aid Ukrainian refugees, promising to match donations up to $3 million.

"In 1983, I was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. I immigrated to the US in 1991 "In a video she made at the time with Kutcher, Kunis made the statement. "I've always seen myself as a proud American and an American. I appreciate everything this nation has done for my family and I. But right now, I couldn't be more proud to be Ukrainian."

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