Although CKR sets an all-time record,

Although CKR sets an all-time record,

Fans of Nandamuri Balakrishna from all over the world planned for the movie to be re-released to commemorate Chennakesava Reddy's twentieth anniversary. Even the movie's producer, Bellamkonda Suresh, spoke with the media and said the movie will have special screenings on a record number of screens.

According to sources, CKR held special performances on 82 screens across the US and earned $39,054 with a total of 3119 tickets sold, setting an all-time high. In terms of re-release special shows, CKR set new records at the Australian box office and made significant money.

However, the situation is different in the domestic market. According to reports, the film's special show booking in the two Telugu states is subpar. While Nizam is seeing 25% occupancy, Andhra and Rayalaseema are not seeing as much interest in the CKR re-release as was anticipated.

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