After one of the mothers of one of his many children, Bre Tiesi, said she couldn't afford a night nurse, Nick Cannon is once again trending on Twitter.

On September 19, Tiesi posted a video message on Instagram in which she admitted that her two-month-old kid had been "screaming his little head off" and that she hadn't slept "in like three days." A supporter immediately advised that she employ a night nurse to assist her.

The fan then answered, "Tell Nick!!," when Tiesi inquired if they would like to pay for it. Tiesi shot back, "I don't need your unsolicited counsel, thanks. U fucking have some nerve.

Following that, she issued a warning to anyone offering counsel on her and her family, stating on her Instagram Stories: "KEEP MY PARENTING, MY KID, AND MY BABY DADDY'S NAME OUT UR MOUTH. My sugar daddy is NOT Nick. Nick is ONLY MY FUCKIN CHILDREN'S FATHER. When you speak on my behalf, watch your fucking mouth!
That was all it took, and within minutes, memes, jokes, and even more unsolicited advise for the new mother flooded Twitter. Nick Cannon has fathered 10 children overall, including four in just one year, as many people have noted.

Despite his rigorous profession and, as he admitted to HipHopDX in an interview earlier this year, only four hours of sleep per night, he has committed to take care of all of them.
Bre Tiesi eventually responded to the discussion on one of her Instagram Stories, explaining in a long post that her views had been misinterpreted. Instead, she said she was just having a difficult parenting moment.

She wrote on Sunday, "LOL here we go again, no one was venting, I took nothing 'left'" (September 25). It was only 9am when I mentioned that I hadn't slept since my kid is teething early and that a family member had come to visit and spilt my milk all over the couch and placed my electronic ember cup in the microwave. Then to hear someone say Nick ought to cover a night nurse... I'm not sure how, in the world, ANYTHING I was saying had anything to do with Nick having a night nurse.

All I was doing, she said, was being open about a difficult parenting situation in which, after working and going without sleep, things just kept piling up. Nick was the only topic that this person chose to bring up. She did it there the same way that everyone else did, and I hear it every day along with the thousands of other derogatory remarks, and I'm done with it.
Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, Nick Cannon's ninth child, was born earlier this month, and the singer shared the news on Instagram.

He said, "Introducing ONYX ICE COLE CANNON." Once more, I am in awe of the Divine Feminine today. I and @MissLanishaCole have the honour of hosting an angel here on earth thanks to God. I promise to do everything in my power to safeguard, nurture, instruct, and love this child.

"In this time of joy and jubilation, I ask that all low frequency energies be muted and that we only rejoice with the Highest Class of Civilization who are truly in alignment with our mission in this realm. Instead of trying to define myself for the sake of the world or society, I've given up and am instead working to heal and develop into the infinite Being that God created me to be.

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