A trail runner is being followed by sheep in France, as shown in a viral video. Watch

A trail runner is being followed by sheep in France, as shown in a viral video. Watch

Most of us enjoy going on hikes in the woods to get away from the clamour and bustle of city life. And while doing so, we experience a variety of things, including beautiful sights and animal antics, and we feel at ease. A hiker in France captured this video, as an example. It has surprised online users to see a herd of sheep pursuing a trail runner.
Eleanor Scholz, a user, submitted the video on Instagram with the description, "The best thing I've ever seen. Do you believe that they are still pursuing her?" "Can't stop thinking about this perplexed trail runner I encountered while hiking along in France," reads the text insert at the beginning of the clip. The next scene depicts a large number of sheep pursuing the trail runner. They immediately follow the woman as she stops to talk to the hiker, and they can be seen sprinting behind her as soon as she continues walking.

"She was apparently followed throughout her entire run by a large group of lost sheep. They all followed her as she took off running once more. She is currently a shepherdess, "read a further text insert that places their actions in context.

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