A childrens book by Mariah Carey with the animated character Little Mariah will be published.

A childrens book by Mariah Carey with the animated character Little Mariah will be published.

This Christmas, Mariah Carey is gifting us more than just song. The businesswoman and performer announced her brand-new, thrilling project for the home's youngest residents on social media. The renowned performer of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" announced she will be publishing a book with the tale of "Little Mariah."
A cartoon figure called "Little Mariah" appears in her most recent book, The Christmas Princess. Carey and Michaela Angela Davis wrote the book, while Fuuji Takashi illustrated it. Even "Little Mariah" believes the time is not yet. When my newest Christmas fairytale is out in November, find out why she's feeling so depressed and unclean! The Holiday Princess Out 11/1," she said next to a slideshow of images that included the book's cover.
After registering in early 2021, Carey attempted to trademark the "Queen of Christmas" once more earlier this year. The legendary celebrity made an effort to acquire the name so that it could be used on a variety of goods, including bags, beer, food, fragrances, and other alcoholic beverages. The proposal was rejected after being published for opposition in the summer of 2022.

A $20 million lawsuit was also filed against the artist for allegedly violating Andy Stone's copyright in relation to the singer's well-known song "All I want for Christmas." Before Mariah Carey launched her song with the same name that would go down in history, the songwriter claims he co-wrote and recorded a song with the same title.
Stone claims that his song influenced Carey's, and he wants a cut of her earnings, according to the lawsuit that TMZ was able to get. Vince Vance & The Valiants recorded his song in 1989 in Nashville, and they even produced a music video for it.
According to reports, Carey and Walter Afanasieff co-wrote the song in 15 minutes, coming up with the melody, chords, and song structure. According to the New York Post, it was entirely written in a few of hours.

The lawsuit demanded that Carey and Afanaseiife stop and refrain from further music dissemination. The article stated that "despite Plaintiff's request, Defendants continue to take use of Plaintiff's work 'All I Want for Christmas is You,' reaping enormous financial rewards and other pecuniary benefits to Plaintiff's detriment.
The filings stated that the co-authors had intentionally violated [Stone's] copyright in the work "to the commercial advantage, personal profit and unjust enrichment of the defendants and the irreparable hurt and financial loss" of Stone.

According to a 2016 The Economist research, Carey earns around $2.5 million annually for the song, according to Forbes. By 2016, she had earned $60 million since the song's initial release, according to the study. Thus, it's possible that she earned more than $72 million on a single song.

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