An easy way to check for bow legs. How to treat them so that your legs become straight and beautiful.

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Bow Legs is a story that seems ordinary. But treatment is not commonplace. Because bow legs are a condition of the knee being curve out where the thigh bone line is. And the legs are bent and pointing outward. There are many reasons. In children under 2 years of age, it may be found that the legs are slightly bow. This is normal. The leg bones are normal but appear curved because of the tightness of the ligaments and the pulling of the muscles on the inside of the knee joint. and the rotation of the leg bones during pregnancy until when the child begins to stand and walk, the muscles begin to exert force in a balanced manner. The leg bones will begin to return to normal and the bowed legs will become less normal within 2 years of age.

In most cases, bowed legs are not a serious health problem. It may only have a negative effect on your personality. However ทางเข้า ufabet, Having bones that are not shape as they should be It may result in the following illnesses:

  • Hips spread out from the contraction of the butt muscles. and weak muscles in the back of the legs
  • The tibia rotates and opens. from the contraction of the shin muscles Weak calf muscles.
  • The ligaments of the hip, knee, and ankle joints are loose.  
  • Chronic knee arthritis This is due to repeated injuries to the cruciate ligaments and cartilage caused by exercise such as running. or cycling.
  • Osteoarthritis Due to the weight of the body, the bow-legged person will not spread out. But it is concentrat on the inside of both knees. And if you receive repeated shocks to your knee joint, plus your thigh muscles become weaker. It will result in the cartilage in the knee joint receiving more force and causing wear and tear. And when there is a lot of wear and tear, the knee joint will become tilted. causing the legs to bow more or eventually spread to osteoarthritis.

However, it is important to consider how much of a negative effect the bow-legged condition that we are in has on our health. You should go for a physical examination with a doctor first. Because if your legs are bow, it does not affect your health. No symptoms of illness or have a disease condition caused by bowed legs It may not require treatment. Unless you want to improve your personality. You can receive treatment.

We can treat bowed legs in several ways:

How to fix bowed legs without surgery

Adjust body posture. If you have a habit of sitting with your legs spread apart, standing with your legs bent, or standing with your feet pointed outward. You should adjust your own posture. When sitting, legs, knees, and toes should be force to point forward. And try to twist the leg inward Bring your knee blades in a straight line between your hips and ankles. Also try not to let yourself stand with your legs bent too often.